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Bora Bora Sea Salt is proud to be an official airline partner of French Polynesia : Air Tahiti Nui. In 1996, Air Tahiti Nui was created to connect the world to one of its greatest jewels in the world, the islands of Tahiti. It is the best airline in the South Pacific and Air Tahiti Nui flies to Tahiti from Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland and Tokyo.

As soon as you board, immerse yourself in the Polynesian universe: the color of the lagoon, the sound of the ukulele, the scent of Tiare flowers will take you on a journey before take-off.

Due to the quality of its service, the company has been awarded " Best South Pacific Company " by numerous times, at the same time. suite of “consumer” surveys by Global Traveler magazine.

To book your flight tickets to Tahiti or to learn more about Air Tahiti Nui's services and products, please visit the airline's official



We offer the first international cosmetic product that contains sea salt from Bora Bora. We work in collaboration with the renowned Swiss company Cell Premium. Cell Premium is a global company known as one of the best producers of cosmetic products in Switzerland.



Gaya and Daniele, originally from Italy, make the best Italian gelato in Bora Bora.
Their new creation is salted caramel ice cream.
Bon appetit !
Bora Bora Iaorana Gelato, Vaitape, French Polynesia


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Bora Bora sea salt is an ingredient used to produce Master Salt.
Master Salt is a unique blend of 40 salts from 40 different locations and is the most mineral-rich salt on earth. Master Salt is a blend of mountain salt, lake salt, river salt, spring water salt, desert salt, oasis salt and sea salt. It contains more than 80 trace elements.

For more information and to place an order:, Lisa Bancroft, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Fauchon produces and sells in December 2020 a Norwegian salmon smoked with sea salt from Bora Bora.
Since 1886, FAUCHON experts have criss-crossed France's terroirs in search of raw materials with exceptional qualities. Driven today by the creativity and passion of the Chefs of the house, FAUCHON offers an unprecedented experience based on the seasons around innovative creations with gourmet flavors, inspired by the era and the French culinary heritage.


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