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Sake Glace by Lauren Wildbolz from Future Cuisine

Sake Glace:

2L rice milk, roasted and unsweetened

0.5 kg glucose syrup

5 pcs limes, grated and juiced

0.4 kg sugar

0.1 L lemon juice

0.04 kg carob bean gum

0.1 L sake liqueur

1 L sake

Heat the rice milk with the glucose syrup and sugar to dissolve the sugar.


Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

Pour into Packjet cups (recipe for 6 PackoJet cups).

Unfreeze completely and freeze again.

Soak individual freshly picked cherry blossoms in the Bora Bora Sea Salt

Ginger & Turmeric and finally, when serving, top with the salty Sakura

Flower (cherry blossom/cherry blossom) to decorate.


Pour sake on gelato when serving as you would with Coupe Colonel.

Dust with roasted ground basmari rice.

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