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Bora Bora Sea Salt Peppers Birds

Bora Bora Sea Salt Peppers Birds


Bora Bora Chili Salt was produced in collaboration with the well-known Swiss cookbook author, food blogger and presenter Zoe Zorinesi of Cookinesi.

We use the finest Bora Bora sea salt and bird chili, which is planted on the peninsula in Tahiti by the local population.

Bora Bora Chili Salt is meant to heat up your food and bring tears to your eyes.


It comes in classy cardboard tin with cork lid, making it a wonderful gift.

  • Usage tips

    Bora Bora Chili Salt gives all dishes a perfect blend of salty and spicy.

  • Ingredient

    Sea salt (NaCl) 95.3%

    Sulphate (So42-) 2.33%

    Magnesium (Mg) 0.71%

    Calcium (ca) 0.56%

    Potassium (k) 0.42%

    Bird chilli from Tahiti

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